Hi, I'm Steve.

For the last two decades, I’ve been discovering what it means to be a pastor. From serving as the lead teaching pastor for Willow Creek Community Church to writing and speaking all over the world, my heart's desire is to bring Jesus into every conversation and every space I occupy.


My book, This Invitational Life, calls people to risk themselves to align with God’s heartbeat for humanity.


I've co-hosted the Relevant Sports Podcast, a weekly show that talks about the intersection of sports, culture, and faith. Currently, I live in Phoenix with my wife, Sarah, and our two kids.


Books + Podcasts

Relevant Sports Podcast

Teaching + Interviews

For me, teaching is one of the most humbling, vulnerable and mysterious endeavors I’ve ever experienced. I wake up, pray, read, write, edit, read some more, ask questions, write, take a break, find something to distract me, pace, walk the halls, find someone to talk sports with, question my calling, want to quit, start praying again, back to the office, start typing, God whispers, and something seems to happen.


It’s a process I can’t stand yet desperately need. Teaching has the ability to bring me to my knees. It keeps me dependent, expectant and grounded in Christ. I can’t imagine doing anything else on the planet. It’s such an honor to craft sermons for people all over the world. I still can't believe I get to do this with my life!​


This Invitational Life

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